We are getting reports of vehicles being broken into or having items stolen from unlocked vehicles. Please remember to lock your doors and if possible leave it in a well lit area. If you happen to see suspicious activity, please call the Hudson PD at 260-316-9500 or call 911.

Just a friendly reminder, there is a curfew in Hudson for anyone under 18 years old. The curfew is 10pm on a school night and 11pm on a weekend or holiday. If we catch juveniles out after curfew, tickets WILL be issued. If you have questions about curfew, please contact the Hudson PD. This is going to be a major area of enforcement due to issues that occur involving juveniles after curfew. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.

We have been receiving several calls regarding the new moped laws implemented January 1st, 2015. If you have questions please contact the Hudson Police Department or your local BMV. No matter what type of motor driven cycle (MDC), the following requirements must be met: they must be registered with the BMV and have a plate displayed, have at least an unexpired ID Card, helmet required under 18yrs old, no texting and driving, must operate in a position astride the seat and headlamps must be illuminated at all times while operating.


A reminder to everyone that it is your responsibility to keep your dog under control. Dogs running at large will result in fines.

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Daniel Concus - Hudson Town Marshal

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