Although this week has seemed more like winter, better weather is on the way. It is important to note that with nicer weather comes with more people walking around. It is very common to find trash bags filled with unknown contents. Your first instinct may be to throw it away to help clean up. We must warn you that some of these items may be filled with hazardous waste in the form of spent meth labs. We come across these items very often and they are very dangerous. If you happen to find a trash bag filled with unknown contents laying on the side of the road or elsewhere, please contact the Hudson Police Department. Our goal is to not only clean up the meth trash but also to find people associated with manufacturing this drug. Having said that, if anyone wishes to submit an anonymous tip, you may contact the Hudson Police Department or Steuben County Sheriffs Department. Without community help and support, law enforcement is not as effective as it could be. Thanks

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Daniel Concus - Hudson Town Marshal

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